History of Buttock Augmentation: The Evolution of the Female Form

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The History of Buttock Augmentation: The Evolution of the Female Form

Sexualization of the female buttocks has probably taken place since time immemorial. Adipose (fat) tissue is deposited in the female buttocks secondary to Estrogen (the powerful female hormone). Voluptuous and round female buttocks are thought to be a sign of youth and fertility: evolutionary psychologist believe that this is a preserved trait that ensures survival. Fat in the buttocks also has a practical application, it provides energy to maintain pregnancy and lactation.

Female buttocks have been depicted in early Roman and Greek art as a sign of beauty and fertility.

Eroticism of the female buttocks is central to cultures ranging from Chinese to Muslim.

Spanking of the buttocks in pornography can be traced back to the Victorian England. This eroticization of the female buttocks was also noted around the same time by Sigmund Freud, who’s anal stage of psychosocial development is notable for fixation on the anus. In the early 1900’s, corsets and bustles were used by fashionable women to emphasis the size of their buttocks. One can easily see that the cultural preference of large buttocks is not new to popular culture

Present popular culture shows that a number of celebrities have celebrated buttocks: The buttocks of many celebrities have become famous, including those of Coco Austin , Jessica Biel , Vida Guerra , Scarlett Johansson , Kim Kardashian , Beyoncé Knowles , Jennifer Lopez , Nicki Minaj , Shakira , Sofia Vergara , Serena Williams , Iggy Azalea , Tom Cruise and Christopher Meloni.

Hip Hop and Rap artists have featured females with voluptuous buttocks dancing in videos for many years; this has greatly affected the style and taste of Generation Xers. The cultural impact of the now infamous “twerk-fest” of Miley Cyrus at the 2013 Grammys is burnished in the collective consciousness of numerous generations to come.

The American, indeed the world fascination with the large, round female buttocks is undeniable and probably here to stay. The beaches of Brazil are thronged by women with toned, firm, large glutes; making Brazil the mothership and Mecca for the female buttocks.

Copacabana Beach, Rio, Brazil

The Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to buttocks) is now the gold standard for women who wish to have perfect, round, voluptuous, and high buttocks. The procedure takes about 1.5 hours, has a recovery time of about 7-10 days, and costs around $4-10,000 depending on where in the US you have this procedure. The average cost of buttock augmentation with fat grafting is $4,077; buttock implants is $4,580 and buttock lift is $4,509, according to 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The number of doctors who are performing buttock augmentations has also increased over the past year from 19% in 2012 to 30% in 2013. “Over the past decade, we’ve seen a cultural shift towards a greater acceptance of and a desire for a rounder, more prominent derriere in specific regions across the country, so the increase in buttock augmentation procedures is not that surprising,” states Jack Fisher, MD, President of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery http://www.smartbeautyguide.com/procedures/breast/breast-augmentation.

Buttock Implants are rarely used these days, except for women who simply do not have enough fat. Buttock implants (1,863 procedures up 98 percent from 2013 to 2014)

Saline Buttock Injections have gained some popularity in the US, where patients can experience a Brazilian Butt Lift for 24-36 hours. Saline (salt water) is injected into the buttocks giving fullness and lift. The saline is eliminated over a short period and the buttocks go back to normal. The procedure is fairly safe, inexpensive, with minimal complication rate. It is a great way to take a buttock augmentation for a test drive prior to committing to the permanent procedure.

It is important to note, that all of the procedures have known complication rates. Any of these procedures can result in bleeding, infection, nerve damage, scarring, and even rarely death. Many complications are possible, including unmet expectations, unevenness or irregularities (contour problems), anesthesia reactions, toxicity from Xylocaine or epinephrine, and remaining local areas of numbness.

A recent study by Senderoff, “Buttock augmentation with solid silicone implants,” (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21346141) reveals: Twenty-six men and 174 women were included in the study. The mean duration of follow-up was three years. The overall reoperation rate for these patients was 13% (n = 26). Seroma formation was the most common complication, occurring in 28% (n = 56) of patients. The infection rate was 6.5% for both subfascial and intramuscular implants (n = 13). The implant infection rate was 3.8% (15 of the 400 implants). Hematoma formation occurred in 2% (n = four) of patients. Wound dehiscence occurred in 1.5% (n = three) of patients. Capsular contracture was noted in 1% (n = two) of patients. Data showed that additional aesthetic procedures at the time of buttock augmentation did not affect the complication rate. In terms of patient satisfaction, patients with intramuscular implants complained more often about a lack of inferior gluteal fullness. In the right hands with the right candidate, these procedures are safe and meet the expectations of the patients. It is really important to find a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a large amount of experience with these procedures and a surgeon who possesses a taste level that matches that of the patient.

Dr. Johnson is an expert in the Brazilian Butt Lift Technique. He has been featured in magazines and TV shows demonstrating his skill and knowledge in buttock augmentation. Dr. Johnson’s aesthetic approach is tasteful and elegant. We believe that how you look, how you feel, and your health are all related. Taking care of your Mind-Body-Spirit is our pleasure.

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