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Dr. Johnson was the best doctor I could have hoped for during these uncertain times. He was professional, reassuring and made me feel at ease right away. I am seeing the progress on my new body and I am absolutely in love with the results I am seeing. Thank you so much for making me feel better about myself for going above and beyond doing extra procedures. He is truly a person that love his careers and cares and loves seeing other feel better about themselves.Dr.Johnson is my final destination for all my cosmetic procedures going forward. Thank you so much for everything.

Ande G


Dr. Johnson was very informative, helpful and provided me with excellent service. His demeanor, confidence, and his achievements all ensure me that I have chosen the right doctor to help me achieve my personal goals. I have had consultations with other plastic surgeons, and Dr. Johnson has surpassed my expectations by far. I recommend his services to anyone in search of a great plastic surgeon to improve their appearance. I will most definitely be moving forward with my procedure with Dr. Johnson. I’m excited and looking forward to my transformation!

Shameka W


It went very well. The doctor helped me with several more concerns  than what I originally saw him for.

Vera T


Personable, dedicated, and genuine during my consultation. 
forward to my  follow up appointment.

Eden S


Dr. Johnson is great! He prescribed me everything I was in need of and gave great 

Ariella M


I was referred to Chris by a friend who was effectively treated. I 
 Chris to be responsive and 
 Care provided was 

Verified patient


Dr. Johnson seems knowledgeable and experienced with my condition, and he has a friendly, relaxed demeanor. I’ve already scheduled my follow up appointment with him!

Lisa C


I had a rhinoplasty and nasal surgery performed by Dr. Johnson. From the initial consultation to the postopt visits he was incredibly professional, helpful, and accommodating. I initially saw him at his office in Midtown. He explained everything about the procedure and what to expect clearly to me. I was initially planning to have the surgery performed at a surgery center on the Upper East Side; however, because that facility was not able to accommodate me on the day I wanted to have surgery, Dr. Johnson suggested that he would be able to perform it at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. The facility and the staff there were wonderful. The surgery went very well. Three days after surgery, I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Johnson where he removed the packing from my nose and I saw my alter nose for the first time. Although still swollen, I was very pleased! In the time since, as the swelling has subsided I’m more and more satisfied with the results! It was a job well done! I’d highly recommend Dr. Johnson. He is truly an incredibly talented surgeon!

Thandeka M


I had a rhinoplasty and nasal surgery performed by Dr. Johnson. From the initial consultation to the post-opt visits he was incredibly professional, helpful, and accommodating. I initially saw him at his office in Midtown. He explained everything about the procedure and what to expect clearly to me. I was initially planning to have the surgery performed at a surgery center on the Upper East Side; however, because that facility was not able to accommodate me on the day I wanted to have surgery, Dr. Johnson suggested that he would be able to perform it at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. The facility and the staff there were wonderful. The surgery went very well. Three days after surgery, I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Johnson where he removed the packing from my nose and I saw my alter nose for the first time. Although still swollen, I was very pleased! In the time since, as the swelling has subsided I’m more and more satisfied with the results! It was a job well done! I’d highly recommend Dr. Johnson. He is truly an incredibly talented surgeon!

Lawrence G


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